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    • Papanikolis Cave

It is located on the Western coast of Meganisi and is one of the largest and most impressive sea caves in the world, as the entrance leads to a tunnel 120m long and 60m wide that gradually narrows to reach 23m. It is said that during WWII the cave was the hideout of the homonymous submarine.

  • Atokos Island

Uninhabited and imposing - it is one of the most popular spots for boaters in the area. In some places the green slopes and in others the completely white, sculpted by the wind rocks, go down to the sea with the clear turquoise waters. The famous "one house bay" stands out but there are also many other amazing swimming spots

    • Ithaca Island

Homeric homeland for Odysseus - destination and forever goal for the traveler.

Three settlements with picturesque ports stand out.

1) Vathi: Built in its deep cove that looks like a fjord, the island's capital retains its charm and traditional architecture. Museums, cafes, shops, bars, restaurants and elegant hotels compose a picturesque settlement worth visiting. Inside the closed bay there is the islet of Sotira, Lazareto, with the small church of the 17th century and the building of 1817, which was a purgatory.

2) Kioni: A magical image, especially when you enter by boat in its closed bay and face the traditional, amphitheatrically built, preserved settlement. Stone houses, small cafes and restaurants with tables by the sea, elegant bars. At the end, 3 well-preserved windmills complete the canvas that nature and people painted so intricately. Kioni will charm you at first sight.

3) Frikes: A small seaside village north of Kioni. Around the picturesque harbor, which is surrounded by two well-preserved windmills, you can find many picturesque taverns, which serve fresh seafood.

Beaches : the entire sea area of Ithaca is full of great beaches with clear blue waters.
Particularly famous: Gidaki (near Vathi), Platia Ammos (a beach with clear blue waters and pure white sand in northern Ithaca near Afales), both accessible only by sea.

    • Formicula Island

Small uninhabited island southeast of Meganisi with a lacy coastline and deep blue waters. According to one version it is the Homeric "Asteris", the small island where the suitors lay in wait to assassinate Telemachus, son of Odysseus.

    • Kalamos Island

Green island with a picturesque harbor and a traditionally built settlement. Beaches here are pebbly, pines reach to the waves and the turquoise waters are so transparent that they make the sea look like a swimming pool. Nature is pristine, the landscape calms you. It is no coincidence that many who visit it talk about an earthly paradise.

    • Meganisi

The largest of the other islets in the area, with a special coastline (mainly in the northern part) formed by successive bays that penetrate deep into the land, reminiscent of a fjord. In one of them, built around the main port of the island, you can spot "Vathi" - a traditional fishing village with taverns and cafes. This place is picturesque and special, just like the two other settlements of the island - Spartochori and Katomeri. The beaches are countless. With sand or fine pebbles, with pine trees sometimes reaching the sea, with blue-green and clear waters they will surely enchant you.

    • Kastos

It is the smallest habitable island of the Ionian Islands overgrown with olive trees. The settlement of Kastos, with traditional stone-built houses and a few tavernas, is built around the small port, at the edge of a picturesque bay. There are many amazing beaches with greenish-blue waters and the famous Fokotrypa, a small cave with a sandy beach inside, where if you are lucky you can meet some of the monachus monachus seals that are often found in the area.

    • ***You can modify your excursion as you wish.

The points mentioned in the program are indicative and recommended. Discover more beaches or enjoy your meal or drink in a picturesque port. Whatever your preferences the boat's skipper will be happy to advise and guide you so that the experience can be truly unforgettable.

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